LP Magazine Europe Winter 2017-2018

  Cross-Border Co-operation   There’s an old Irish Proverb that says, “You can’t plough a field by just turning it over in your mind.” Rather like the Nike swoosh logo and strapline “Just Do It,” meaning that you have to get things done rather than simply talking about getting things done, this goes to the […]

LP Magazine Europe Fall 2017

  Oldest Forum Inspires the Youngest as Blitzes Cross the Irish Sea   Inspired by the work of the Fashion Forum (ORIS Forums’ longest-established retail loss prevention forum), the Irish Retail Loss Prevention Forum (the youngest of the nine forums) adopted a blitz programme whereby Police and retailers work together as part of concerted days […]

LP Magazine Europe Summer 2017

  Omni-channel Forum Seeks to Take Serious Cases Straight to CPS   The ORIS Omni-channel Forum is embarking upon an ambitious lobbying project that could result in a change in the law to allow businesses to bring their own prosecution directly to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). If successful, the approach would transform the way […]

LP Magazine Europe Spring 2017

Responsible Risk, Ethical Trading, and Sustainable Business   When Google first came to prominence, it had a corporate mantra—do no evil. This simply meant that wherever it operated in the world—both in the real and digital spaces—it must not negatively impact those who make use of the global search engine. Lofty intentions for a super […]