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Cafe, Dining & Hospitality

Cafe, Dining & Hospitality

The Café, Dining and Hospitality sector is unique because its high visibility brands – pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and food service providers – are exposed to a broader array of risk in both the day and night-time economies. From staff vulnerability to organised crime, fraud, customer and colleague dishonesty as well as compliance issues around portion controls, licensing and food waste issues, the purpose of the forum is to share best practice and intelligence in pursuit of reducing levels of external and internal risk as well as influencing the perennial debate around colleague safety.

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  • Meeting frequency: 4 times per year
  • Retailer–led: it’s your agenda
  • Decision makers: attended by senior decision makers
  • Non-competitive: honest and open collaboration to tackle a common issue
  • One voice for your sector: critical mass for lobbying
  • Action-orientated: not talking shops
  • Non-supplier meetings: suppliers only attend at the request of members
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