Security Operation Centre (SOC)

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Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Established in 2019, the SOC forum is currently the newest of all ORIS Forums, as it is very much an emerging market trend for retailers to invest in their own ‘eyes-on’ and audio estate-wide technology in the fight against retail crime.  The forum is at the vanguard of providing law enforcement with intelligence-led evidence of crime that is happening in ‘real time’ as well as dynamically assisting store colleagues in the de-escalation of confrontational challenges as they happen. Working in tandem with law enforcement, SOC members can use the technology to proactively monitor and protect store estates, including DCs, not only in the UK, but across the European market.

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Why ORIS Forums?

  • Meeting frequency: 4 times per year
  • Retailer–led: it’s your agenda
  • Decision makers: attended by senior decision makers
  • Non-competitive: honest and open collaboration to tackle a common issue
  • One voice for your sector: critical mass for lobbying
  • Action-orientated: not talking shops
  • Non-supplier meetings: suppliers only attend at the request of members
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